Carpet Cleaner…..Cleaner Carpet!!! 

Under $100 as an Amazon Warehouse Deal!!! Swipe one up before they are gone! Retail price is $130 

Warehouse deals are often items that have damaged boxes, and have had to be repackaged so item is still NEW but cannot be sold as NEW and must be sold and priced as USED! Super deal on this, I’ll probably have to get one for myself!


New Take On A Hair Tie 

I had the opportunity to test out this package of hair ties. I will say that I am not going to convert any time soon from my good old-fashioned black hair ties, but these did okay. 

They are much softer, thicker and stretchier than a traditional hair tie. They kind of remind me of a 90s scrunchy of sorts. 

However, I like a very tight hold for my hair and this didn’t quite achieve that for me. I would say that this is better suited for someone that doesn’t have a lot of hair, or somebody that has a more sensitive head, and wants to avoid pulling of hair. 

At $8 and change, I don’t forsee this being a purchase that I will make again in the future….

This product earns a 🎀 rating! 
As always if you would like to check it out for yourself I will leave the link below. ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

Cold As Ice!

I have tried many different types of “contractions” meant to keep drinks cold, and let me tell you they don’t all perform as well as this one does! I have several products by this company and they all continue to deliver the results they promise. I love the bright Fire Engine Red color,(available in other colors as well) I also love the fact that it can hold an ample amount of liquid at 32 ounces, and features 100% BPA FREE MATERIAL!!!

Constructed from stainless steel and coated in red, this does not fail to impress the eyes as well as keep your drinks ice cold for hours. The stainless steel material is light weight, so you don’t have to worry about weight of this cup once it’s yhrown in your bag or back pack! If you are a smaller person like myself this might be hard for you to maneuver with one hand, as I definitely had to use two hands but the way this item performs was well worth the two handed operation! I also want to add, that at nearly HALF THE PRICE of its competitors, this is an extremely bed get friendly option!

This product earns a 🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀 rating! 

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